From Swedish Relax, to traditional Thai massage, we are sure you will find the one that suits you.

Swedish Relax Massage

A classic massage technique that aims to accelerate circulation, improves, skin tone, reduce muscle tension and result in a state of general relaxation of body and mind.

Sports massage

Intensive massage procedures combined with stretching of muscles accelerate the process of elimination of lactic acid produced during muscular work and thus enable a faster process of muscle recovery, as well as improving sports performance. Through sports massage accelerates the recovery of the body after training, but muscles can also be prepared for training by warming up and stretching.

Manual lymphatic drainage

A set of specific light skin movements and superficial fascia aims to stimulate the lymphatic system responsible for the elimination of harmful products of cell metabolism. The result is reduced water retention and reduced swelling, as well as detoxification of the body.


Medically applied reflexology is an ancient skill that treats certain areas of the feet that correspond to the internal organs and parts of the body in order to balance them and stimulate the body's self-healing. Work on the feet is relaxing, it refreshes the body and gives the feeling of lightness of the legs.

1540 RSD
30 min
1870 RSD
45 min
2200 RSD
60 min

Massage with volcanic stones

Volcanic massage (hot) stones are a special type of massage, which in combination with skilful therautic hands helps to relax tense muscles, improves circulation and calms the nervous system. Massage with volcanic stones is complemented by the action of natural oils that, not only do they help the stones slide, rather, they nourish and nourish the skin.

Therapeutic massage

Therapeutic massage is a combination of several different manual therapeutic techniques for the mobilization of soft tissue structures and joints by a qualified physical therapist, further enriched with a blend of essential oils that significantly reduce pain and successfully relieve accumulated tension. It promotes microcirculation and relaxation of the back and neck muscles, the effects of stress are eliminated and it has a strong effect on relaxing all the blockages in the body. Perfect choice after a busy day or a stressful event.

1870 RSD
45 min
2400 RSD
60 min

Highly effective treatment for reducing visible cellulite in three steps. lymphatic drainage, Vacuum massage and packaging will make your skin regain tone, smoothness and shine.

1400 RSD
60 min

If you suffer from chronic pain, andulation therapy can help reduce these ailments. With this therapy, you lie on a special mattress for andulation and get a program of different ones, pulsating vibrations during 15-30 minutes. This is combined with the heat of the built-in infrared lamp. It reduces various joint pains, muscles and bones. Vibrations stimulate blood flow from the body to the capillaries, and infrared heat soothes tight muscles and reduces pain and inflammation.

For whom she is suitable?

  • Konkretno, relaxation in the body and a calming effect cause a marked reduction in difficulty in the body 84% of treated patients.

Who is this therapy for??

  • Chronic pain due to various causes
  • Recovery after strenuous exercise by athletes
  • osteoporosis
  • Muscle aches, headaches, joints
  • Neurological problems