The perfect way to relieve stress, toxins and to relax.

The Finnish sauna is used around the world for enjoyment, relaxation and improvement of health status. Basically it is a dry sauna with a temperature of about 90C˚ and a low humidity of 10% – 15%. Staying in a sauna will make you feel healthier and easier. The benefits for the sauna user are multiple. Physically, nothing is healthier for our body than daily sweating, whereby muscle tension simply melts. The psychic effect is reflected in the complete reclamation and regeneration of life energy.

When staying in the sauna, heat promotes blood circulation leading to a large amount of sweating. Body sweating in the sauna releases the body from harmful substances and toxins, relaxes the body from tension and stress. Also sweating alone requires a lot of energy so one use of the sauna burns the eye 300 calories (about 5 km of easy running).

High temperatures encourage the secretion of endorphins (happiness hormones), a natural body substance that relieves us of pain. The muscles relax, It reduces the tension and stress that accumulates daily, relieves uncomfortable rheumatic bone pain in arthritis and arthrosis. Using a sauna before bedtime improves sleep quality and eliminates possible insomnia. In addition to the benefits of heat on the body, the sauna takes us to a quiet place, without the distractions of the outside world.

The heat in the sauna causes an increase in body temperature, which causes blood vessels to widen and the cardiovascular system strengthens. It also lowers blood pressure and improves blood vessel elasticity, as they expand and shrink at short intervals, which is a kind of gymnastics for the smooth muscles in their walls. Due to the high temperature, release and excretion of defense components in the blood are encouraged, which protect against the action of various viruses and bacteria, and therefore the sauna strengthens the body's immune system.

The sauna does NOT advise people with heart and circulatory disorders, high pressure, nervous system diseases and more serious skin diseases. If you have a dilemma, should you use the sauna?, you should consult your doctor before use.